Naming and kitty litter

We have introduced the two cats to each other. Aside from an initial concern on Marlowe’s part that the new kitty would EAT HIM ALIVE, the introduction was remarkable trauma free.

We also read more on her paperwork.  The cats had a room of their own, so I suspect that one of the reasons she’s so chatty and affectionate was that it was the only way to get attention when their owner came in.

So far the only strike against her is that she likes to play in the kitty litter. The springy, playful action would be adorable if it weren’t in the litter box. The process of teaching her that this is not okay, without making her afraid of the litter box, will be slow.

We are toying with the names Harriet or Hattie for her.  We like the name Harriet, because of Harriet Vane, but our lady is very chatty and extremely affectionate, not at all aloof as Miss Vane could be.  Hattie is a nickname for Harriet and reminds Rob of Hilo Hattie.  Neither name seems quite right, though Hattie is close.

Basically we’re trying names until one of them sticks.  Yes, you may play the name the kitty game too if you want, just know that we lean toward literary names.

Marlowe is named after Christopher Marlowe, who went by Kit. Get it? Kit-ten Marlowe? Sigh…

Maggie was named after The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof.

Before that I had Pixel, from Heinlein’s The Cat Who Walked Through Walls.

Rob also feels that it should be two syllables because that’s easier to yell when the cat gets on the counter.

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13 Responses

  1. Julia

    She’s chatty? Why not just call her Cathy, then?

    My cats are Lucy and Boston Blackie (I didn’t name the latter). When Lucy came to me, she was named Woody. (No, she wouldn’t answer to it, why do you ask.) She is normally Lucy, Lucy Westenra when she is good, and Lucifer when she is not. 😀 It has turned out to be a much more useful name than I thought it would be!

  2. MOMK

    In a literary vein, wasn’t there a
    Mahitable the Cat along with Archie
    the Cockroach back there somewhere?
    Help me!

  3. Martha Wells

    One of our cats came from a farm where she was one of ten barn cats (they were rescued by a vet after the owner died in an accident), and she’s always been very affectionate and very vocal, too.

  4. Ellen

    Marlowe is named after Christopher Marlowe, who went by Kit. Get it? Kit-ten Marlowe? Sigh…

    I had a cat named Carson (Kit-ty Carson?), so I obviously like this one!

  5. John Rea-Hedrick

    I’ve only ever once had a cat and that was back in high school. Everyone in the family got to choose a name and we picked the one we liked best. We decided on ‘Daquiri’ (my suggestion), which I thought fit his personality rather nicely.

    Good luck choosing!


  6. Serge

    One of our cats is named Jefferson because we rescued him on July Fourth, and he was a skinny kitten. That was in 1998. Now he looks like Doctor Franklin. We have a younger rescue case called Agatha because my wife thought it’d soften me up to name her after the Girl Genius.

  7. Jeff S.

    Our tabby is named Asher because of his gray ashy striping and that’s what my daughter, age 8 at the time, decided it should be.
    I like Hattie if only because I remember a character from somewhere named Hurricane Hattie.
    Haven’t a clue about the reference though.
    Must be senile decay…