My Writing Process, let me show it to you

At Writing Excuses, we try to talk about various aspects of craft. Sometimes, the best way to talk about something is to actually demonstrate it. So we have a couple of episodes where we walk through story creation from brainstorming, to outlining, and eventually to the story itself. We’re doing this with the other hosts as well, and part of the reason why we’re doing it this way is to show that we all have different writing processes. This week, we have a double episode in which you get to hear us brainstorm an idea for a story, then hear me step the team through my outlining process.

So… You can listen to the Brainstorming Episode.

Then you can listen to the Outlining Episode, while you look at the supplemental material, in which I actually show you the core idea, synopsis, and scene breakdown for the story I’m working on. Eventually, you will also be able to read the story and listen to us critique it, but that’s not until next year.


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