My reaction to the first episode of the new Doctor

Rob and I have finally gotten the Season Five Dr. Who discs, with Matt Smith, so I’m catching up with the rest of the world.  After seeing the first episode here are my quick reactions.

  1. What have they done the theme song?  I mean… lightning? Really?
  2. Did the entire episode have to be dialed to 11?
  3. I think I’ll like Matt Smith once I get used to him.
  4. I like the steampunkish TARDIS interior.
  5. An Olympia SM3 typewriter on the console? Really? The logo is held on with a little stud. You couldn’t knock it off and replace it with something else?  Really?  And the grey model? It doesn’t even match the color palette of the rest of the set. You couldn’t get the caramel with burgundy keys if you liked the shape so much?

But in general, I was happy to see the show and look forward to more of the Doctor’s adventures.

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8 Responses

  1. David

    I was hooked the moment that grappling hook came sailing out of the TARDIS doors. It made perfect sense, and yet it was a ridiculously over-the-top thing to do. A lot like the opening credits, which is also kinda cartoony and over the top.

    I think Matt Smith brings a great mix between the 9th doctors aloofness and 10’s mapcap running about without all the melodrama. Its a great season, especially if you like the character River Song.

  2. Cassie

    I’m still not entirely sold on Matt Smith. He has the manic bits down pat, but he doesn’t have the gravitas Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant had when they needed to get serious.

    That said, this season has some truly stellar episodes (particularly Vincent and the Doctor), and I adore Amy Pond. So I hope you guys like it!

    1. Gregory


      I totally agree with you that Vincent and the Doctor was the best episode of the season. And Amy Pond is fantastic (and purdy <3).

      However, I am sold on Matt Smith. He's doing great. But I also loved Eccleston and Tennant, so maybe I'm just easy to please.

  3. Andrew Neely

    Lately I can’t handle a skillet without hearing Matt Smith saying, “You’re Scottish. Fry something!”