My JordanCon Schedule

I’m in transit to JordanCon right now. This is where you can find me.


1:00 PM – JordanCon Opening Ceremonies – Great Oaks
Welcome to our fourth annual JordanCon’s Opening Ceremonies Extravaganza!
2:30 PM – An Hour with the Guest of Honor – Goulding A
Come spend some time with this year’s JordanCon GoH.
4:00PM - Is it Fantasy or Sci-Fi? – Goulding C
A discussion of the differences between these often-linked genres and why (other) people don’t take them seriously enough! Mary Robinette Kowal, Emilie Bush, Michael Livingston                                                  
5:30 PM - Shifting language – Goulding A
Join Medieval scholar Dr. Michael Livingston and Hugo award-winning author Mary Robinette Kowal as they talk about how the English language has shifted over the centuries and how you can use that shift in fiction.


 10:00 AM – Kaffeeklatch – Boardroom
Small group session (This is a group session of a maximum of 10 con goers who sign up to chit chat with the guests.)
1:00 PM – Signing – Barrington
Yes, I will write the missing sentence in Glamour in Glass.
2:30 PM  - Schmoozing 101 – Goulding A
Conventions offer a chance to meet some of the top names in the field. How can you take advantage of that without coming off like a weasel? Learn about the etiquette of talking to editors and how to effectively “work a room.”
4:00 PM – History and Fantasy Hour – Goulding C
A discussion about mixing fantasy with history and keeping it accurate. Mary Robinette Kowal, Michael Livingston 


 10:00 AM – The Business – Goulding A
Our industry professionals talk about what goes on in the publishing world. Eugie Foster, Emilie P. Bush. Mary Robinette Kowal, Paul Stevens
11:30 AM – At The Intersection of Puppetry and Science Fiction – Goulding C
What can the fiction world learn from puppetry?
2:30 PM – Publishing Idol – Goulding A
Come practice pitching your book to our Industry Professional and get critical feedback and tips on winning over a publisher. Mary Robinette Kowal, Paul Stevens, Peter Ahlstrom

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