My idea of sexy

Our stoveWe have a Wedgewood stove from the 40s or 50s which is built like a Packard. It’s heavy, solid metal and the best stove I’ve ever cooked on. Look at that–double ovens, a griddle and the burners. Oh my. They each have two sets of flame, so you can turn the heat way down low for a nice slow simmer.

One of the oven regulators stopped working about two years ago and Rob fixed it. It stopped again. Most of the time, a single oven is fine, but when I’m having a dinner party, I really want that second oven.

Rob disassembling the parts stoveThen my beloved found another Wedgewood. It’s not the deluxe chrome model that ours is, but all the internal stuff is exactly the same. So he bought it and in our newly empty living room, Rob is disassembling our parts stove to restore our real stove.

Look at him. T-shirt. Tools. Oh, and latex gloves… My, my my. This distracting vision has been next to my computer for the past several days. I don’t know how to express my satisfaction that my oven is being serviced. I’ll just say that you should see the way he handles his screwdriver.

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    Oh Mary, how reserved of you, I expected you to comment that stove and husband are both hot…