Movies with things that explode

Normally I’m all etiquette books and puppets, but there are days when what I really want to see is a movie with things that explode, you know? Today was one of those — don’t ask — and so Rob went out to find something for me. He came back with The Bourne Supremacy, which I saw in Iceland and Charlie’s Angels. Good fluffy explosions and fight sequences. I love wire work and there was plenty of it in this.

The urge to watch this kind of film doesn’t come up that often so I don’t keep up with the good action films out there. I’m looking for suggestions for the next time I need an exploding film nights.

To start you off, here are movies that fit the bill:
Almost anything by Jackie Chan
The Blues Brothers
Indiana Jones
The Bourne Identity

Some Bond, such as Goldfinger

There’s a tendency for comic book escapism here, you might note. It’s not that they need to be light-hearted it’s just that I don’t handle monsters well.

So… got any suggestions for me?

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23 Responses

  1. Jenna

    The Mummy and The Mummy Returns — love ’em both

    ALL the Brosnan Bond movies, my favorite was the last one with Halle Berry

    The latest Die Hard movie (4) was AWESOME and you don’t really need to have seen the others (I’d only seen the first one — also awesome)

  2. Julia

    xXx, yes, the movie with Vin Diesel, is very good for exploding things.

    I also recommend True Lies for sheer cheesiness and lots of blowing up things in the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, I don’t see many movies in this genre, so I’m not much help.

  3. RFLong

    You have Serenity there, so that’s my number one. I recently watched Starship Troopers which was good for this – it worked on two levels so while explosion loving area of brain was revelling in it, the analytical side of the brain was freaking out at all the comments on totalitarianism (is it possible I spelled that right?) So both parts enjoyed it.

    And the Mark of Zorro. I think there were explosions in that. Swordfights obviously. And, you know… Zorro!


  4. Rob Kimbro

    Big Trouble in Little China.

    Not explosions so much, but sheer John Carpenter Kung Fu randomness.

  5. John J. Adams

    I’ve always thought The Rock (Nick Cage, Sean Connery) was a pretty good action movie, at least for the sort of qualities you’re looking for.

  6. Veejane

    Big Trouble in Little China is also a sequel-in-spirit to Buckaroo Banzai, and both possess a fine sense of the absurd. China has more fighting, more OTT comedy, and a least a little bit of stuff blowing up.

    I also think you would really enjoy Hard-Boiled, one of John Woo’s 80s Hong Kong efforts. Chow Yun Fat being charming, lots of gunplay, not too much “arty” slo-mo, and an action sequence about every 5 minutes. I believe this is available both dubbed and subtitled. (Most of this genre, I find, is melodramatically swoony, and less fun as a result. But if you like this one, you might work your way through many of Chow’s 80’s cop starring roles, and keep yourself busy for the next ten years.)

    My ne plus ultra of stuff-blowing-up is those cheerfully cheesy disaster movies of the 70s, complete with Portentous Voice Over and aging guest stars. Plug in The Towering Inferno, let Steve McQueen perform rescue derring-do, throw Richard Chamberlain off a roof, and I’m satisfied. You know that Lynda Barry comic about her whole family doing an act-and-watch rendition of The Poseidon Adventure at Thanksgiving? That’s me.

  7. Zoid

    The animated series Cowboy Bebop and Samuri Jack are both fun. I love Bebop for the music and Jack for the visuals.

  8. Zoid

    oooooooooo ya!!!! If you love Jackie, you should look at Kung Fu Hustle and Shoulin Soccer. And both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are fun comic ‘book’ fun. HF would have your explosions.

  9. Maggie

    Yes, yes! Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, definitely. Also, Six String Samurai, Pitch Black (haven’t seen The Chronicles of Riddick yet), Night Watch, Day Watch, classics like Alien(s), and the good Batmans.

  10. Amal

    V for Vendetta! I adore the graphic novel, but I loved the movie adaptation too, for all Alan Moore’s griping. The explosions are orchestrated!

    Besides that, X-Men 2 is my favourite X-Men movie by far. I guess I have a thing for violence and orchestras.

  11. SMD

    National Treasure

    Might not be the most explosive of movies, but I rather enjoy it and they do blow up a big old wood ship in the Arctic (or Antarctica…can’t remember where exactly, but it was really cool nonetheless).

  12. Steve

    I agree with Con Air and True Lies as big boom movies. I’d throw in anything in the Lethal Weapon series, but particularly the last two. If you want just cheesy random violence, try Payback or Under Seige.

  13. Alethea

    The Transporter is one of my all-time favorite mindless shoot-em-up movies. Jason Statham is just HOT.

    I also enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Guilty pleasure.

  14. Kate Baker

    Kill Bill 1 & 2 – Lots of wire work in the fight scenes are just kick ass with a female heroine.

    The Fifth Element – Come on, who doesn’t love Bruce Willis in Scifi garb?

    The Core – Lots of action in this one. Not so much blowing up, but cool electrical scenes

    Contact – Big emotional kaboom in that one.

    Sunshine – Great new sci-fi.

  15. Sean P. Fodera

    The first Die Hard movie. The sequels are all about explosions, but the first has a reasonable story to go with them.