More pulpy goodness!

Rob and I headed down to the Kolaport today because I wanted to hit that booth that had the SF books again. I picked up some beauties all of which look like pulp, untill you start to pay attention to the author’s name.

Exhibit One.
The banner at the top says, “A Madcap Blonde and Her Reckless Lover Challenge a World of Rollicking Chaos”
Hell's pavement

Hell’s Pavement by Damon Knight, the founder of SFWA.

Look at these beauties.

The House that Stood StillThe Chaos FightersMonkey PlanetThe Time Traders

I’m particularly fascinated by the cover for Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Star of Danger. I always think of the Darkover novels as being fantasy, even though I know it’s technically science-fiction. I’m sure it’s an effect of marketing. When the book first came out, in 1965, science-fiction was the hot thing.

Look at the difference in the 1965 original cover (which I picked up at the kolaport) , the 1985 cover, and the 2000 cover.

Star of DangerStar of DangerStar of Danger, Newest

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