Monday 23rd April is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant DayDue to a series of events that are likely only to be interesting if you are an SF writer, Jo Walton has declared Monday 23rd April as International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day.

In honour of Dr Hendrix, I am declaring Monday 23rd April International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day. On this day, everyone who wants to should give away professional quality work online. It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel, a story or a poem, it doesn’t matter if it’s already been published or if it hasn’t, the point is it should be disseminated online to celebrate our technopeasanthood.

Whatever you’re posting should go on your own site. I’ll make a post here on the day and people can post links in comments to whatever they’re putting up on. If you are a member of SFWA, or SFWA qualified but not a member (like me) you get extra pixel-spattered points for doing this. If other people want to collect the links too, that would be really cool. Please disseminate this information widely.

I will be posting a link to the free fiction I already have up, plus a new story. I will also have the delight of making a very cool and entirely appropriate announcement. Yes. Yes, you have to wait a week to hear it.

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6 Responses

  1. Evan Nichols

    I’m really not up on the SFWA campaign (except for viewing your very fine ads), but Sanguinity pointed this out to me. I knew I would have to participate. Who wouldn’t want to be an International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant!?!

    And I look forward to your announcement!

  2. Chris Billett

    My only concern with this is that, as everyone’s uploading this stuff on the same day, there is going to be a massive wealth of material online that day…

    … ergo, only Big Name Authors are going to be read. This kind of negates some of the stated benefits, and… perhaps undermines the cause/point of it? I don’t know. Just popped into my head.

    I think I’ll still be posting, I’m not against it. Sorry I posted this on your blog, I just happened to be reading your note on it when it crossed my mind!

  3. Mary Robinette Kowal

    It’s understandable. On the other hand, everyone is linking back to Jo Walton who is keeping a list of who is posting, so it could lead to more traffic on your site. At any rate, I don’t think it will lead to less traffic.

  4. Chris Billett

    Very true! Well, yes; I think I will scab it up. I guess the worst that can happen is a multi-million pound publishing contract, after all.

    Crap. This means I’m going to have speed up my new website plans. Haha.