Meme: Five Question Hot Potato – Ekaterina Sedia

Alchemy of StoneEkaterina Sedia has a new book coming out at the end of July. All the advance buzz makes Alchemy of Stone sound as if it will be as exciting, but totally different from The Secret History of Moscow. To spread the word, Matt Staggs has started this interview meme. The rules are simple.

If you get tagged, just come up with five questions for Ekaterina Sedia and email them to her. Ask about her work, her new novel “The Alchemy of Stone,” or anything else you’d like. Send them to her. She’s game. After you post your questions to your site, tag another person and let them know! Remember, this is just a game, so don’t sweat your questions too much. Just have fun, post the answers, and tag the next person.

Here are my questions.

1. Do you remember the moment in your writing career when you first thought, “Hey, I can actually do this?”

I’ll let you know when it happens! No, seriously I remember writing a few novels which weren’t any good, and then there was According to Crow, my first published novel. And I looked at it and thought, hey, this isn’t bad. So I actually sent it out.

2. What is your husband like?

He is a much nicer person than I am. He’s a psychologist, and he works with drug addicts — as you can imagine, it requires a lot of patience, which incidentally helps with many other things. Also, he is not a geek, and yet it never interfered with family harmony.

3. If someone were going to prepare the perfect meal for you, what would it be?

Hm. It would have to be some combination of Indian food and sushi. Or maybe just that Nepalese butternut squash they serve at Himal Chuli in Madison, WI. ((Mmmm…..))

4. Pretending for a moment that Alchemy of Stone isn’t your book, why would you tell someone that they have to read it?

Because it’s fun, has gargoyles, and asks important questions about automaton emancipation? ((Hot dang. Gargoyles!))

5. How many authors does it take to change a light bulb?

None. It’s not like they would notice that the bulb burned out.

I tag Alethea Kontis
((Alethea also has a new book out. Make sure you check out Beauty and Dynamite while you’re at it.))

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