Marlowe’s continuing adventures with string

Here’s where we stand with Marlowe. I took him back in for another x-ray at 4:00 and Dr. Sutton said that she thought there was still foreign matter in there. He also had some gas in intestines that he didn’t have before which could just be gas or could be trouble. Faced with a choice of admitting him right away or bringing him home until we heard from the radiologist, I opted to bring him home.

When Dr. Sutton called later it was to say that the radiologist definitely thought there was a linear obstruction and swelling in the small intestine. Surgery is now back on the list of possibilities.

Meanwhile, Marlowe seems totally fine. He’s eating well, drinking water, wearing his helmet of invisibility, and otherwise behaving as if he doesn’t have two feet of string inside him.

The plan now is for him to stay home with us until nine or ten tonight and then go to the vets for overnight observation. If it’s warranted they’ll do another x-ray to see where things stand. And then, if we need to, surgery.

He’d be in for couple of days and on pain meds when we brought him him. Probably with a cone. I am devoutly hoping he’ll just pass the darn thing.

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