Making the lamb

Removing the rodsTo begin, I need to take the rods of the taxidermy lamb form that I’ve ordered. These are intended to make it easy to mount the lamb on a board, but I won’t be doing anything like that. It will be laying in the back seat of a car, partially in a bag.

1231382684603 Next, I notch the foam at the shoulder to give me room to bend the front leg. I want the lamb to be lying down instead of standing, so I have to reshape it slightly.

1231383533818Including cutting it in half so I can rotate the hips. In a real animal, the spine would follow suit, but here we just use a hack saw and some good old fashioned bamboo skewers. I’ve also cut off one of the hind legs so I can reposition it.

1231383659342Because this won’t need to move ever, I just taped it into place while the glue is setting. It’s like a cheap version of papier mache. I also used a rasp and a knife to take the hard edges off where I cut the lamb.

Lamb formAnd here is the lamb assembled, with head, and ready to be covered with its skin.

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