Look, a parade!

There are times when explaining things doesn’t work and you just have to witness it for yourself. This is the ambient sound at my apartment today.


Bear in mind that all my windows are closed and we have no walls that face the street.

Edited to add:
“After listening to this, record the ambient sound where you are and post it on your blog.”

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14 Responses

  1. Kelvin Kao

    Haha, fun. Would’ve participated if my own computer wasn’t broken.
    Our neighbor whose balcony is across from us has a kid. Every morning you hear sounds of toys, children’s music, parents (or was it grandparents?) talking loudly and sometimes kid crying (quite a cry baby, he is). But at least it’s not as audible once the window is closed. I like to leave the window open though, for ventilation. Those noises don’t bother me.

  2. Felicity Shoulders

    The only microphone ’round here right now is the boom-mike on my gaming headset, so I can’t contribute. But we’re experiencing normal house noises*, refrigerator hum, very occasional bird tweetery, and occasional frustrated cat chatter (it’s a noise she makes when watching birds).

    *Of course, normal house noises now have a chance of freaking me out. I really have to finish House of Leaves so I can regain my sang-froid.

    The real reason I commented was to say this reminds me of summers at my Grandma’s house, where a large picture window faces the high school football field across the street, and the marching band practices…so yeah, unwontedly loud.

  3. Mike F

    I don’t have a microphone handy. All I can hear is the neighbor cutting the grass.

    Last night was a different story. The high school right behind us was shooting of fireworks. That was loud. The whole house was shaking! I’m going to guess that the fireworks were over quicker than the parade music. I hope you didn’t have a lot to do.

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      Fireworks? Oh, it must be homecoming.

      The music continues, but I think it’s switched to street fair now, because it sounds recorded and isn’t ebbing the way the parade didn’t.

      1. Chang

        HEH. ICarly. Very lowbrow, but she was watching cooking shows on PBS earlier. This is a kid who eats only from the white foodgroup and she was watching Julia Child.

  4. -e-

    Have to admit, before I listened to it, I was afraid the parade noise would make me homesick for NY. Listening to the clip, however, quickly quelled that fear! What an annoying little melody, and it didn’t seem to move away from you, more a seranade than a parade. I bet that hearing all that, and not being able to actually see what’s making the noise (lacking street windows), must be deeply disturbing to your animal brain.

    Good day to set off for a cafe!