Long day

Today was long. Julie and I started the morning working on the floor. Some how the camera angle seemed to keep dropping with each shot so that it felt like they were going to have to dig a hole in the floor in order to hide us.

Think about it this way. What the camera see is a great big pyramid with the tip being the camera frame. The farther you go from the camera, the wider spread the field of vision is. Seen from the side, there’s an imaginary triangle from the camera to the floor. A puppeteer hides in the triangle, out of view of the camera. But the further from the camera you go, the lower you have to be. So David, in the front of the shot, didn’t have this problem plus he was at a desk.

I got some writing done, but kept getting distracted by work. The nerve.

The Bride Replete

Only a few of the robes bellied outward and not a single bare crop showed.


“The captain has given us permission to disembark.”

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2 Responses

  1. Jon

    Looks like good ol’ Magnus Scheving had you working hard, did he? Still, hard work is good; trust me on that. I’m a hard worked myself. Oh, and by the way, Magnus might expect people to work hard, but he’s a cool guy, and I’d love to meet him someday.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    I can’t blame this one on Magnús; Jonathan was directing this episode. But both director’s try to put the puppeteers in the best possible position because they know they’ll get a better performance that way. Sometimes the hard stuff just isn’t avoidable. Once we figured out how to hide, the shot looked great.