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Mike Brotherton our glorious host at Launch Pad is collecting links from the various participants and posting them on his website. So if you want to get a wider sense of the experience than just my raw notes, then click on over there and explore the other participants’ blogs.
Art installation at University of Wyoming, Laramie

Jay LakeFor some reason, I’m having a hard time sleeping here. I’ve woken around 4:30 the last two mornings, still feeling dead-tired. But, the bonus is that I’m getting some writing done in the morning and then going for a walk with Jay Lake. Deanna Hoak joined us this morning and we wandered around the campus.

Deanna HoakOn one side of the quad there’s this fascinating art installation that I’d noticed yesterday. The artist had woven together branches into twisting, organic structures. You could wander into these little rooms of dense branches but beyond the appearance, the smell was astonishing. As Jay said, it was as much a scent installation as anything else. Sage and other herbs wove between the branches and perfumed the air. Deanna wants to go back there tonight to look at the stars through the top of them.
Art installation at University of Wyoming, Laramie
Art installation at University of Wyoming, Laramie

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  1. Mike F

    They remind me of a cocoon. Like some kind of giant alien bug was there. Very cool. A perfect thing to have on campus when a group of SF writers are hanging around.