Kowal’s last day.

Rob’s folks left this morning, but we said our goodbyes last night. They had a five am flight this morning. Ugh. How cruel. Yesterday we went to the studio for lunch, and then Pat, Glenn and I went to Laugar Spa.

To start with, they use iris identification for accessing the different areas, so you get scanned and then have to stare into these different “eyes” to get into the facility. It’s like something out of a science fiction story. In fact, I was wishing I had been there before writing Cerbo en Vitro ujo for Apex Digest. I was tempted to play with them to see how little time they needed to make sure “identification is completed.” But I thought that would probably bring security down on me.

Anyway, after I finished being delighted at the eye scanners, we went to spa room. There are nine different saunas or steam baths to bask in. A jacuzzi tub. A sea water bath. A relaxation room, with leather lazy boys and a fire place, at the perfect temperature for napping.

There’s also an outdoor and indoor pool. And the water slide. Glenn did some laps and then needed to go down the waterslide. He also jumped into the sea water bath, which I couldn’t bring myself to do. I mean, sea water is cold! But he could also take much hotter saunas than I could.

Pat and I stayed mostly in the steam baths or hot pots.

Afterwards, they headed back to their hotel to get ready for their trip to London where they will meet up with an old friend of theirs.

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