In NYC to read for the Fantastic Fiction series at KGB, (plus a new chapter)

I have safely made it to NYC after spending fourteen hours at home. I’m now on “random time” rather than EST, CST, or HT.  Strangely, I enjoy this sort of moving around, which I think is a hold over from the days when I was touring with puppet theater. Even for me, though, I’ll admit that I probably should have scheduled slightly more time a home. But, you know, I did laundry, dishes and slept in my own bed. I even watched a movie with Rob.

That’s not bad on any day.

I’m here to read at the KGB Fantastic Fiction series on Wednesday. Ben Loory is also reading, so please do come out.

The flight here was uneventful. I finished a chapter on the plane, which means that there’s new fiction for those reading along with Kiss Me Twice. I just posted Chapter 22. I also posted a whole bunch before getting on the plane, so you might have to back track a little to find where you left off. Sorry.

I am now safely ensconced in the home of Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner. I had a lucky break with travel and Ellen and I arrived at LGA within a few minutes of each other so we took a cab in together. Now? Bed, I think.


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