I’m teaching two different January Short Fiction Workshops

I’ve got two different short fiction workshops scheduled for January.

The first is my Writing on the Fast Track, which is a seven-week course that meets once a week for two-hours. It starts on Tuesday, January 10th. This covers the same material as my weekend intensives, but is for folks who find time pressure the opposite of helpful.

There’s only one seat left, so if it’s sold out when you get there, just sign up for the waiting list.

Eventbrite - Writing on the Fast Track - January 2017

The second is my Short Stories Explained (for novelists). This is for writers who are having trouble with structure and with keeping their short stories actually short. It’s one day, but aaaaaall day on Sunday, January 29th.

Eventbrite - Short Stories Explained (for novelists) - January 2017

(I’ll be teaching another short story intensive in March, but since my schedule goes sideways sometimes, I’m not opening it for registration until we get closer.)

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7 Responses

  1. Cindy

    Two more details that might be helpful to list.

    One is to be more specific (or provide a link) about what operating systems Zoom works on. I’m going to guess Mac and Windows, but what about Linux? Tablets?

    Second is to clarify: this has a major audio component (since you stress audio over even a webcam) and it’s probably uncaptioned for HoH/Deaf?

    OK, I lied, I guess there’s a third one. Any plans for video recordings to be captioned and made available later? I’m always looking for accessible materials.


    1. Mary Robinette Kowal Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. It works for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. There’s also phone number so people can call in directly.
      2. The registration page said, “Accessibility: Closed captioning can be provided upon request. Please let me know what accommodations you need.” but I’ve moved it to the FAQ so it’s more apparent.
      3. No video recording, because we cover material that is specific to the students and I want people to feel safe to make mistakes without worrying about posterity.

    2. Cate

      I took one of Mary’s weekend intensive courses over the summer. I’m HoH, and I was thrilled with the course. Mary is wonderful to work with, and she goes well out of her way to make sure that accommodations can be made.
      I am fortunate that Mary’s voice falls into a range that I can hear, but she met with me online ahead of time to be certain that I would be able to hear her. She also translated for me any time I was unable to hear one of the other students, and met with me outside of class time to be certain I was able to follow along.
      Thank you again, Mary, for making the course accessible for me.

  2. Kelly

    Hi – Just found you via Hank Green on Twitter. I’m interested in the Short Stories Explained on the 29th, but that day doesn’t work for our schedule. Since only the Lecture version is available at this point anyway, is there a way to sign up, but to view a recording at a later time? Thanks!

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal Post author

      Sorry, there won’t be a video because the material gets specific to the students and I want them to feel safe to make mistakes without worrying about those mistakes being recorded for posterity. The Lecture only version isn’t actually just lecture, because the students get to participate in the question and answer sessions. I just don’t read the homework that they are working on.

  3. Kelly

    Thanks. I understand. I’m now following you on FB and Twitter…so I hope I’ll find out about any upcoming events next time.

  4. Laura

    I tried to register, but couldn’t find the checkout button. I discovered that I had to click both hide info. buttons and then the checkout button was at the bottom of the registration box.

    For some reason scrolling didn’t work.

    Thought I would share just in case anyone else was having the same problem.

    Not sure if I should be nervous, excited, or both 🙂

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