I’m back from vacation!

Hello! I’m back from my internet vacation.  While it wasn’t as complete as I might have wished, it was a lovely, lovely thing. The most delightful part was that I got physical, hand-written letters almost every day. I think there were four days when I didn’t.

I found that corresponding via postal mail was wonderfully meditative and more intimate than email.  Often with email, I have little to say in reply because the response is so speedy that nothing has happened.

This time? With postal mail, I had news to relay. Some of it was tremendously exciting news.

And you are wondering what that news is, aren’t you? Alas, it still needs to be secret on the internets for a while longer, but if you write me a letter…[1. Mary Robinette Kowal
P.O. Box 13346
Portland, OR 97213-0346]

By the way, if you weren’t reading along with the Retro Mary 1994 posts, the last one I posted is the story of a show gone horribly, horribly wrong. Horribly.

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