I just turned in the revised manuscript of Shades of Milk and Honey

I’ve just sent the revised manuscript of Shades of Milk and Honey off to my editor for the UK edition. It is about four thousand words longer than the US edition and includes a couple of new scenes and a slightly different ending.

I did not have to do any of this, but when my editor, Sarah Castleton, offered an opportunity to make changes, I leapt at it. Some of the changes are small things, to get rid of anachronisms that I missed in the first edition. For instance, I had them going into dinner in the Victorian manner so I fixed that here.

The new scenes? Let me see if Sarah likes them, and then I’ll give you a few hints.

Maybe when I show you the new cover. Did I mention it’s getting a new cover?

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  1. Annalee

    Is there a way for USians to acquire the new version without getting a Brit to purchase it for us?

    And: does the new cover match the sequel covers? If so, I really must have it.

    I know, I’m becoming the Comic Book Guy of the Glamourist fandom. But! New ending! Must Has!

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      My guess is that you’ll be able to order the physical book online and have it shipped here, but that the e-book will be geo-restricted. I’m guessing that since the UK folks can’t buy the US ebook.

      But I’m totally guessing.

      The cover on the other hand… Yes. The illustration is in the same style as the other books, with a new photo by Larry Rostant. It is lovely.

      BUT all of the UK edition books are getting new typographic treatments.

    2. Atrus

      The Book Depository is my website to go when I’m looking for a specific edition, and they ship free anywhere.

  2. SpriteSuzi

    Forgive me if you’ve answered this question previously, but when will the UK edition be released? I’m in New Zealand and was in the process of requesting my local library purchase Glamourist Histories when I found this. They will probably prefer to wait for the UK versions…Thanks! Oh, and you can thank John Scalzi for introducing me to you and your work. 🙂

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