I have blood on my hands

Zesty, mint flavored blood. That’s right, it’s time for another show with blood. The effects in this show are significantly easier, which makes me a happy camper. One stabbing and one razor cut. All fairly run of the mill.

BUT. I’m in tech week for two different shows for the next week. I will be largely offline during this.

While I’m working, would you take a moment to share your favorite curses? It’ll come in handy. Remember that couch? Yeah… I’ve got stories to tell about it, once I get past this week.

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8 Responses

  1. Mlewys

    Blood is minty? I’ve been working in the wrong theater.

    My favorite curse: While it is not my place to cause you harm, I pray that I can witness the karma bomb that will go off and destroy your life.

    Or did you mean curse word?

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      Edible blood can be minty, depending on the brand. I prefer the chocolate flavored myself.

      That is a fantastic curse. I did mean more of the expletive sort of thing, but after your example, I’m widening the cursing field.

  2. -e-

    -De zoltz voxen vie a tsibileh, mit dein kopf in dret und dein fees aruff! -(sorry for the purely phonetic yiddish spelling, but I learned this one from my grandmother) It translates loosely to- May you grow like an onion, with your head in the ground and your feet sticking up in the air.

    admittedly, not one you are likely to blurt out in a moment of frustration.

  3. Chris Billett

    Toss-socks! Or, if cursing someone, calling them a fuckwit is usually a winner…

    Oh, and Couche-Tard of course, which is the name of a convenience store chain in Montreal, but sounds like an insult at least!

  4. -d-

    You’re a Yankee Brain
    Of course, this doesn’t insult everyone.
    In NY it would probably go completely unnoticed.

  5. Evan Nichols

    Mint-flavored blood! Man, that brings back memories! Chocolate sounds even better, though.

    I like Mlewys’s curse; it’s a richer version of my favorite simple-sounding yet actually heinous “May you get what you deserve” curse. Sorry I can’t help much on the expletives front, though. I don’t swear enough to branch out to the creative and unusual.

    I hope the shows go well! You’re very brave to tackle two tech weeks at once…

  6. Zoid

    “God’s Be ….!!!!!!”

    “God’s of Mercy . . . help me. (for the fool that I am.)”

    “Niffholme” or “Niff!!!” The cold void between Asgard and Midgard, the Norse hell.

    Anything else came out of watching to many SF marathons.