Housewarming at Christina’s

It’s 1:30 am and I just got home from Christina’s housewarming party, which was the perfect way to end today. Besides hanging out with folks like Evan, Dave and David I also got to meet new folks like Garth and F.I. and Reuben. Good conversations, good food on seemingly every flat surface and beverages galore. Have I mentioned the homemade chocolate cake that Christina made?

I’ll tell you, after spending the day selling off our possessions, going to a housewarming in such a cute house was exactly what I needed to give me hope that our move will be over someday.

The only drawback that I can see is that I have stayed up too late again. But it was fun.

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One Response

  1. Evan Nichols

    It was fun, wasn’t it? Even if I didn’t get much chance to chat with you, and even less with Christina. Perhaps next weekend. Still, fun people and great food! I’m glad I went…