Horror World Reviews Gratia Placenti

Horror World Reviews covered Gratia Placenti, from Apex Digest, with what has to be the best review of any project of which I’ve had the pleasure to be a part.

The final story in the book, Mary Robinette Kowal’s Tomorrow And Tomorrow is yet another strong tale, concerning both a mother’s love and a husband’s hate. It is also a timely look at the idea of class systems and those who come from elsewhere; where, though being well educated and even well respected in their places or countries of origin, are forced to take menial jobs and face constant ridicule to survive in their new environment.

The review closes with this line, “Certainly one of 2007’s best anthology titles, it receives my highest recommendation.”

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2 Responses

  1. Tim

    I can follow you there.

    Since I was young, I wanted to either draw or write humor.

    Even when I was writing some pretty gruesome horror, I still thought of it as humor. The structures are similar, only the endings are somewhat different.

    And congratulations!