Homework Assignment 3 from the Erotica class: “Water Rites”

This week’s assignment was a difficult one and I’m not sure that I was entirely successful. The instructions were to grab an image on Pinterest that “floated our sexy boat” then base the story around that.

One scene, of 750 words or less.

Two characters (no more, no less) stuck in a place (bedroom, classroom, car, elevator, hot tub, whatever) who can’t have sex, but really really want to.

Remember: In a scene, the character(s) should have some type of transformation. In order to make this happen, it’s helpful to ask yourself: “What does my character want at the beginning of this scene, why does she want it, and what will she do to get it?”

The part that I found most difficult was the transformation. I felt like the location, the reason they could not have sex, and the thing that she wanted should be related to each other but I didn’t want to go the easy route and have the primary thing she wanted to be sex. I always find conflict most interesting when what a character has two goals that then come into conflict with each other. The tension between those is fascinating. Like, Luke Skywalker wants to be a great Jedi like his father, but to do that, he has to kill his father.

I think what I’ve written works, or at least it’s almost working but I’m probably going to keep fiddling with it  until I’m satisfied. (And now everything sounds like a euphemism.)

If you want to read “Water Rites” you’ll need a password, which is below. Once again, this is explicit so please do not use the password if you are under 18 years old.

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  1. Jon Marcus

    I’m going to feel really stupid if I’m just looking “past” the link, but I don’t see it.

    (Got to it from the link in your HW assignment 4 post, but I don’t see it here.)

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