Help with listening and reading?

If anyone has time, I could use help with two tasks.

1) I recorded a story (not mine and I promise it’s good) and I need to listen to it to make sure that we didn’t leave any of my stumbles in it. I’m tuning out my own voice. The story is two and a half hours long, but the section in question is just in the first half hour.

2) I have to turn in a list of books that one of my novel length manuscripts resembles. I’ve got one name to offer and then I blank. Is anyone willing to read this puppy and offer suggestions? You don’t even have to read the whole thing! Just enough to say, “This reminds me of [blank].” The only catch is that I’d like to turn in the list on Monday. It’s Urban Fantasy.

Edited to Add: Many thanks to Julia and Scott for responding so quickly!

And now, I’ll go back to doing the layout which is paying the bills.

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      1. Julia

        You are silly! You know I just love your work and I’m glad to help you out at any time. (Plus, this means I get to say “Well, Iiiiiii used to proof her work for her” when you’re a giant superstar and stuff. :D)

        I have to drive to Tampa this afternoon but I’m starting the manuscript now (anything to procrastinate on cleaning my house!) and will probably finish it off tonight after I get there. 🙂

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