Happy New Year!

I hope your day was relaxing and pleasant.  Rob and I dealt with some apartment stuff but largely had a quiet day.

I made black-eyed peas and collards, with Grandma’s pear relish. Rob made ozoni soup so we had a very traditional meal, albeit from two different traditions.

Also, I just have to point out that it’s 2010, which is such a science-fictional year. It is also the year that my novel will come out, which seems like dream-land.

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2 Responses

  1. Delia

    I was just reading in my journal for 2009 about our New Year’s Night dinner with you and Rob, featuring black-eyed peas and collards, Japanese soup (the clear kind, v. delicious), caviar, and Champagne. I noted your typewriters, your A&C aesthetic, and what a wonderful time we had and how happy I was that we’d become friends.

    Which still holds true, even across the country. Happy New Year to you both! And love from both of us.