Hanging with writers, puppets, books, and Schlock.

I spent the day hanging out with Howard and Sandra Tayler, which was a great deal of fun. Knowing they had kids, I tossed the Broken Bridge into my bag and took it to their house.  Not only did I perform the show, two of their children got excited and started doing their own performances on the screen.  I loved it. Super-nice kids.  Plus I got a giant collection of Schlock (eligible for Hugo) Mercenary while there.

Afterwards, Howard and I went to the booksigning, picking up Dan Wells (::cough::  Campbell eligible ::cough::), author of I Am Not A Serial Killer, on the way.   Dan had an ARC of his latest book, I Don’t Want to Kill You for me.  Not that I’ve been anxious or awaiting this or anything, but I did sort of snatch the copy out of his hands. Squeeing fangirl, that I am.

The signing was fun. Oddly, it was nice that I had the puppet show along because there were a couple of small children there with their parents and I wound up doing the show two or three times.  It’s very, very short, but it did get kind of silly.  The staff at Sam Weller’s Bookstore, by the way, are really, really lovely people.

Then a group of us went out for dinner afterwards, which was fun.  It’s so nice to be able to shoot the breeze with other writers.  Such fun.

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