Haiku meme

Haiku2 for maryrobinette

thirty four people
and a woman is valid
or recognized

Created by Grahame
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3 Responses

      1. John Burridge

        Ooops (smacks head) … If I use the actual web tool (clicks the tool several times to generate something with some sense) instead of quoting myself….

        old paper bag strips
        along the belly of the
        fish to curl around

        Which reminds me (and sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner on this). The whole wheat papier mâché fish seems strong. I haven’t actually tested a piñata with it, but it seems it would take some substantial force to break it. I believe Mark used hot water to activate the gluten in the whole wheat and I don’t think he added any glue or salt. The fish started out with cereal box cardboard as a core, then strips of paper bag applied in a kind of basket-weave pattern, then topped with the strips of rough drafts (with extra strips along the belly to try to make the fish more 3D). So that’s with only two kind of thin layers.