Good Housekeeping – Chapter 1

Okay folks, here are the first thirteen lines of my NaNo novel, Good Housekeeping. If you’d like to read the whole chapter, I’m happy to send it. Just drop me a line.

Chapter 1

Grace’s cat was sitting on her face. His purr sounded as if a mixer were stirring gravel in her ear. She shoved the cat away, ignoring Malkin’s mew of protest. Rolling onto her stomach, she burrowed under the pillow as he immediately began walking up her spine. This was why she had stopped sleeping with her door open, even when Jacques was out of town. It took another moment for her brain to process the obvious thought.

Her bedroom door was open.

Something shattered on the floor. Grace froze, suddenly and completely awake. The lamp. If the cat was on her back, then what had knocked over the lamp?

There were things in her house that regularly went bump in the night–was this one of them? Or had the burglar come back?

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