Glamour in Glass is out in trade paperback. Here’s a party favour!

somah game Jane Vincent cardI am DELIGHTED that Glamour in Glass is out today in trade paperback. It has all my words in it!

Glamour in Glass_230And to celebrate, I’m releasing the first of the Glamour in Glass expansion pack of the Shades and Glamour card game. What? You didn’t know that there was a card game that goes with The Glamourist Histories? There is, and you can download it on my website. All you need after that is set of regular playing cards.

I have new cards for the characters inĀ Glamour in Glass, which I’ll slowly be releasing over the next couple of weeks. Some of the cards you can only get from me in person at events.

For instance, at ConFusion this weekend where I will be one of the guests of honor.

Meanwhile, you can download the updated card for Jane, which reflects her new marital status and give the game a try.

Oh! And the book! Read the book, too.

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