GAH! I hates the registry


So. Today I decided to make one more effort to figure out what was going on with my registry because, you know, I’d really like to use my scanner, printer and webcam. I read several different websites and they all recommended deleting the upperfilters and lowerfilters for the afflicted devices. I carefully made a backup of the registry and followed the instructions.

Evidentally, in the deletion process, I also deleted some vital thing for my keyboard and mouse. They no longer work. This means that I can’t log into Windows and so can’t restore the registry.

I’d try booting from a system disc, but, alas, that would be in one of the boxes that is already in NYC waiting for us. I’m certain that there’s another way to get in but at this point I’m frankly afraid of screwing things up more. I’m seeking professional help and hopefully, it will happen in a more timely manner than the last place I went.

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2 Responses

  1. Rick Novy

    To recover my desktop computer from a nasty virus, I finally had to format and reinstall the operating system. That is why I keep most of my files on the second disk drive.

    Anyway, that is always an alternative, albiet an ugly solution. I should know, I’ve done it twice in 18 months.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    That’s the last possible option. In part because the discs are in a box in NYC.

    My current game plan is to make a bootable disc and try to restore the registry using that.