I invited a whole bunch of puppeteer, theater and crafty friends over to help clear out the basement of ten years of puppet making supplies. It was so much fun; I felt like Santa Claus and a saleswoman at the same time.

My favorite moment was when I pointed out the cape from Beauty and the Beast to Aimee, who jumped around with glee. She looks dashing, I must say.

And Theresa looked like she’d gone to costumer’s heaven.

The basement is much cleaner. But I still have a giant cyclops head. What the heck am I going to do with that?

Oh, and if you weren’t on my mailing list and live in Portland, I meant to invite you but I am scattered right now. There’s still fabric and tools and a beaver costume!

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  1. -e-

    Mary, if no other friend of yours finds themselves in need of the giant cyclops head, I will take it and give it a good home. Wouldn’t it look great in the rafters of the garage, gazing down lustily at the Nash Healy?

  2. Robin

    I was very interested in dropping by to check out fabric, but today was all about putting together a culinary gift package for a charity auction and I couldn’t get away in time. (So if there’s still fabric in need of a sewing room…)

  3. Phyllis Irene Radford

    If no one else wants the beaver costume the McLoughlin House museum or Ft. Vancouver might want it for their various festivals and such. When I worked at the McL House we had a guy wear one but I think its has moved on to the rag pile.

  4. Emily D.


    Mary, what kind of tools do you still have kicking around? Assuming, of course, that you wouldn’t mind trucking them across the country to join your other tools in the shop on 4th st.


  5. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Emily: You are getting a Powershot stapler, some reticulated foam, a sheet of L200 and two sheets of polyethelene. The rest of the tools are wrenches and the like. Want a pipe cutter? A hand saw? I’ll call; we’ll talk.

    Michele: Honestly, if I could figure out how to get the thing to you, I would. I’d love for it to have an extension of its performing life. But it is freakin’ huge.

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