For those reading along…. Chapter 2 of my SF murder mystery is up.

Work continues apace on my NaNoWriMo project, and I’ve just posted Chapter 2 for those of you reading along. It has the same password as Chapter 1.

My normal pattern, when I’m getting feedback from readers on a work in progress, is to stay two chapters ahead of where they are. I find that it gives me the maximum amount of flexibility in terms of going back and making adjustments based on reader response without having to do too many retcons, or throw too much text away. This particular project is weird because some parts of it are already written.

Correcting the wordcount to remove the words written prior to NaNo, I’ve got 30,145 new words (so probably won’t win NaNo) but it took me forever to get a working Chapter 3. I had to have that before I could post Chapter 1. Now though, I feel like things are starting to roll and it should start coming together pretty quickly. Should being the operative words.

If you want to read along, skip back to check out yesterday’s post about what this project is and get the password.


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