Finished the bear

Well, mostly finished. I’m dropping him off at the seamstress’s tomorrow. She’ll make the doctor’s jacket for him as well as doing some finish work that I am much happier to delegate. Meanwhile, I will be getting on a plane and flying back to the States.

I stopped by Gummi Þor’s to show him the bear and he seemed very pleased. His house is still in full remodeling mode, so I think at least part of his happiness was just giddiness from lack of sleep. I then went to show Ingólfur the bear and talk about the things that remain to be finished.

On the body my seamstress will:

  1. Add fur to arms – (we needed to wait til jacket is finished to see how much arm is exposed.)
  2. Make the Doctor’s jacket
  3. Position velcro for holding doctor’s coat in place.
  4. Add any extra fur to cover exposed areas or to provide a softer feel to the bear.

We had planned on having two sets of hands and feet so that one set could go to the dry cleaner’s without taking the bear out of commission, but have run out of the material. I’m going to try to order some more, hopefully enough to make an entire second bear.

I’m also going to make a new foam insert for the hands while I’m in the states. I’m not happy with the foam I had here, but the ones I’ve made will work just fine for the bear’s initial outings.

I’m packed, now I just need to get the bear fuzz out of my nose and go to sleep.

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  1. Josh Jasper

    Just to let you know – your comments link on livejournal had me end up at . I think your posting software might be compromised.