Farmer’s market, yardsales and a movie

Today was a really wonderful day. We went to pick up a tansu chest that replaces the dressers we had in our bedroom. Our goal is to only have furniture that we both like. There are a couple of exceptions for sentimental reasons, but very few.

After that, we biked down to the farmers market. Oh, my goodness. I’d missed that so much. The produce is just starting to come in and there were some really gorgeous mushrooms. Biking home, we stopped at four or five yardsales (one was a whole street, so there were really more, but it was only one stop) but didn’t find anything until the last one. We got an ice chest for the trip across country, a pair of dress shoes for Rob, and a book from 1856 for me, called The Wedding Guest. It’s an anthology of marriage advice, some of which is presented in dramatic format. Really good stuff.

In the evening, we went down to Laurelhurst to see a 1953 film noir called The Big Heat. It was a very satisfying film.

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4 Responses

  1. -d-

    Yeah, yard sales seem like a good way to shed things for moving across country, but not from visiting them.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    -e-: Of course!

    Momk: It did feel like that sort of day.

    -d-: True, but there are some things we legitimately need, like the ice chest. The book, not so much, but it’s small and too good to pass up.