Escape Pod — EP116: Ej-Es

I often listen to Escape Pod as I’m working, but it goes in fits and starts depending on if I’m working on language based things or not. Lately, I’ve had a lot of work that doesn’t use the verbal part of my brain and the short fiction at Escape Pod is perfect. I’ve just finished listening to Escape Pod 116: “Ej-Es” by Nancy Kress. This is beautifully read by Sheri Mann Stewart and raises serious ethical questions. It explores human nature in a way that perfectly demonstrates why I read and write speculative fiction.

By standing on the stage of the possible, we can explore thorny ethical and moral dilemmas. Take some time and go listen to “Ej-Es.” I promise that it will make you think.

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4 Responses

  1. Chang

    I listened to this on the way back from a teacher training in Phoenicia, NY. It was lovely. The ethical questions were a bit sticky, weren’t they?

    I’m digging through the whole podcast and am almost up to date. They are a nice alternative to striaght music and talk radio.

  2. rubso

    I listened to the story but i still failed to understand/translate the last line:
    “Ej-es! O, Ej-es! Ej-es, Esefeb eket! Ej-es – etef efef! O, etej efef!”
    The reading was superb and the events made me think (you were right) but was I thinking properly or not will remain a mystery until someone helps me translate the closing line.