Errands and writing

Nothing much today. I got to take care of some errands, like running the car to the rental agency so they can replace the brake pad. I spent the rest of the day writing. I finished one story and worked on editing it.

After some excellent feedback at Hatrack, this is the current opening. If anyone has any thoughts to share, I’d love to hear them. I’m particuarly interested in your impressions of what will follow. What promises do you expect me to fulfill?

Ginger Stuyvesant and the Case of the Haunted Nursery

     The quarter-mile driveway from the main road to Fairbairn Hall flashed by in a tunnel of green. Ginger Stuyvesant knew her hair would be in a state when she arrived, but Lillian’s telegram had sounded urgent.
     When she pulled the Morris-Cowley around the circular drive, a liveried manservant came down the stairs as if he still expected to take the reins of a horse. These Brits had such queer, old-fashioned ways. She pulled off her cloche, hoping it had controlled the worst of the damage to her Marcel wave.
     “Ginger, darling! Thank heavens you’ve come.” In a flurry of lace and satin, Lillian Rhodes hurried down the stairs. Even in the daylight, circles of fear rippled through her aura.
     Ginger embraced her university friend. “Of course! Haunted nursery? Your first born child? How could I not come?”

Now, if you have time to read all 6500 words of it and comment–the commenting is key–let me know.

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9 Responses

  1. Jon

    Haunted nursery? You know, that kind of sound interesting. I believe in ghosts, and I have lots of books on hauntings and stuff. Some of the stuff I’ve read are so scary I’ve slept with my light on! 😉

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    If you’ve got any recommendations for books on hauntings, let me know. I picked up a couple of interesting books when I was researching this one, but I’m planning a series so wouldn’t mind reading more about non-fictional haunted houses.

  3. -e-

    You ask what I expect to develop out of this opening. Well, I surely smell a 1920’s Nancy Drew sort of thing, but more adult, and with a darker, more wicked sense of humor. A delightful concept for a series. As for reading, I am just finishing “Spook”, (A scientific search for the soul), by Mary Roach. It has lots of interesting stuff onthe spiritualism craze of the 1920’s, fashionable mediums, ectoplasm, seances etc… might be useful.

  4. momk.

    Mary, see if you can locate a book titled: WHOSE NAME IS LEGION. That title is taken from the recorded “answer” in New Testement scripture given to Jesus as he was about to drive out evil spirits in one biblical encounter.

  5. Mary Robinette Kowal

    -e- I could not ask for a better read on where I want this story to go. I’ll definitely look for “Spook.”

    Thannks, momk, I’ll see if I can find that one too. Mmmm…books.