Erotica vs. SF

While I know that it is not surprising in a global sense, I do find it surprising that among my readers 250 of you read the Erotica homework I posted and only 40 of you went for the SF murder mystery. Note: those are just the numbers for the first day each was posted.

I mean, I know that there’s the curiosity factor with the homework and that it’s shorter, but still. I was surprised.

What are your thoughts on why? The novelty? People like sex? One is a novel?

EDITED TO ADD: Someone suggested that it was the fact that one required filling out a form to get the password for the novel. Ease of access. Fair enough. So, out of curiosity  I’m going to remove the password from the first three chapters of the novel. After that, you’ll have to ask for it. I wonder if it will make a difference

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