Driving and Christmas Radio

Today was largely relaxing, except for our outing to buy Christmas presents. We borrowed Dad’s car and drove to the mall to pick up some things. Now, you have to bear in mind that this is really the first time either of us has driven since moving to NYC six months ago. We’re really used to being pedestrians at this point in our life, so rather than driving from the strip mall to the main mall across the street, we decided to walk. Traffic was icky and it was less than three blocks away.

Except that Chattanooga apparently has a thing against sidewalks. There were none.

Strangely, one of the lights had a pedestrian crossing button, to get the traffic light to change color, but no crosswalk, no crossing signal, no sidewalk on either side. Just who were they expecting to hit the button? Drivers just didn’t know what to do with us. I felt far less safe walking than I did driving. I’d forgotten just how intense the car culture is after living in NYC and Portland.

Meanwhile, I’m probably not going to be online much the next couple of days, so may I offer you some old-time Christmas Radio. This includes such gems as the original cast recording of It’s a Wonderful Life.

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3 Responses

  1. Maggie

    We have been thoroughly enjoying the Christmas programs contained here this Christmas. There’s something magical about listening to the old time radio shows.

    Take care driving and attempting a pedestrian lifestyle in a non-pedestrian friendly city. Personally, I feel your pain.

    I hope you and Rob have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Chris Billett

    I remember being shocked at the lack of sidewalks in Austin, Texas. Well, near where WFC was, anyway. I walked on grass a lot.

    I don’t notice not driving in the UK, but in the US, well… it’s a nightmare.