Doctor Who: Destination Prague – Book review

Dr. Who: Destination PragueHey! It’s the firstreview of Doctor Who: Destination Prague

Many contributions are merely very strange or silly, though not in a bad way. Brian Keene’s “The Dogs of War” is a kind of Planet of the Apes but with dogs, with Prague having been overrun by intelligent canines. Appropriately enough, K-9 saves the day. “Suspension and Disbelief”, by Mary Robinette Kowal, has the Fifth Doctor helping a man to escape execution with the aid of an animated life-size marionette. Supermarionation indeed! “The Dragons of Prague”, by Todd (son of Anne) McCaffrey, sees the Fourth Doctor being set a culinary challenge by a dragon disguised as a chef. As you do.

Now, did he think mine was strange or silly?

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