Do you have a space where we can record the trailer?

I’m looking for a space in which to record  the trailer for Shades of Milk and Honey. Ideally it would be 40 feet long, a minimum of12 feet wide, able to get completely dark, and available on May 20th.

Why those parameters? The trailer is using shadow puppetry to take advantage of the period’s fascination with silhouettes.  Interestingly, at this point in England silhouettes were called “Shades.” So you could say that the trailer will be Shades of Shades of Milk and Honey.

Or not.

In any case we’ll be using the style of shadow puppetry called shadow masks pioneered by Larry Reed of Shadowlight Theater out of San Fransisco. And for that we need a space that we can get dark, that’s got enough depth for the light, the screen and the camera. And, preferably, is inexpensive or free. We’d like to shoot on May 20th for four or five horus.

Do you have a space like that in or near Portland? Do you know someone who does? Let me know.

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6 Responses

  1. Chang

    Aw, gee, I got one in the other Portland – the first Portland in the US! – but this does not help you. I am sorry. I’d love to see your puppetry in action. C’est la vie! Hope you find the space!

  2. Theresa

    I have a large studio space… alas, the room has massive windows that will pretty much make complete darkness impossible.

    The building that I work at has a large space on the lower floor that I am pretty sure can become really dark, but I don’t know if someone is renting it out. There are so many different offices in this building and not all of them are rented… It might be worth inquiring with the building to see if you can rent a room for a day. It looks like a couple of the ones that are supposed to be for rent are pretty dark warehouse rooms.