Cost of submissions

We had today off because they were shooting actors…you know, I could really do a top-ten list every week. Anyway, I took the time to get some writing done and to send out some actual mail submissions.

Until today, I’ve managed to avoid submitting stories except to markets that allow e-submissions. Yikes! It’s expensive to mail things from Iceland. I had the foresight, at least, to pick up international US stamps before I left home, so I don’t need to get the IRC for the responses from the editors. But still! Each submission costs about $8 in postage. That’s crazy.

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3 Responses

  1. Aliette de Bodard

    From France, I get away with 5$ for most short subs, and 7$ for the biggies. But, yes, postage is horrendously expensive.

    BTW, how much is it to mail an ms. within the states? Has to be less expensive, no?

  2. beth

    that is insane!

    too bad y’all don’t have any friends in the US who might be willing to print and mail stuff for you occasionally.

  3. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Funny you should mention that. I’ve had a flurry of emails from people volunteering to do just that. If only I could return the favor with Icelandic publications.

    Aliette, I think most of the time my submissions are in the $1 -$2 range.

    By the way, it wound up costing about $10 when I actually took it to the post office. I had calculated the postage wrong.