Clarkesworld Magazine and Wyrm Publishing – Pick a Cover

I’m doing the cover design for Realms, the anthology of Clarkesworld Magazine. There is a poll to see which of the three versions people respond to most. Please hop over to the Wyrm Publishing webpage and cast your vote.

Which one do you most want to read?

Cover 1 Cover 2 Cover 3
Realms, option 1 Realms, option 2 Realms, option 2

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7 Responses

  1. Peterbilt_47


    What will the whole book look like, as an object?

    I voted for No. 2, because I was imagining it as the jacket of a hardcover book, or as printed on a heavy, toothy matte paper. But I wasn’t surprised to see No. 3 in the lead. I think this is a function of the visual environment people are seeing it in, though. I think small images on a website have a different effect than an image seen as part of the overall piece. I think it might be sort of an apples/oranges situation trying to get an opinion this way.

  2. momk

    I would pick number three because it has a look of infinity about it…no borders make it more enticing.

  3. -d-

    In the thumbnail format I like #1 best because it looks like you are entering a much larger place, but in the full size #3 is hands down my favorite.

  4. Michele

    I like #1 the best. It looks as if the boy is riding into the book itself. Though all three are lovely.