Cicada is here with “This Little Pig!”

CicadaThe mailman just knocked on the door with a fat envelope from Carus Publishing. Inside were six beautiful copies of Cicada, with my story, “This Little Pig” inside. I used to read Cicada, when I was in the right age group. Can you imagine how exciting this is for me? Not only was this a pro-sale, it’s to a magazine that I read when I was growing up.

AND it has six illustrations. Six! The artist, Helen Dardik, has a fun retro-style which plays nicely with my main character’s (Aage) obsession. I’m delighted.

I thought you might be interested in reading the article which inspired “This Little Pig.” It was in Discover magazine a couple of years back. It’s about Samsø Island, in Denmark, the inhabitants of which made a pledge to give up fossil fuels by 2008. Now, at the time of the article, they weren’t using methane producing pigs but they were considering them so I thought it was fair game to inflict upon Aage. It is science-fiction after all.

Oh. I am so happy.

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  1. -d-

    Cicada just arrived here today and I immediately read “This Little Pig.” I really enjoyed it and the bit about me offering the MG to you if you would elope is absolutely true. I offered more than once, I swear.
    You have to have children before you can have grandchildren. That is not a hint, just a fact.
    Congratulations on selling a fun story.