Can you spot Shades of Milk and Honey in the wild?

I’ve just received word that Shades of Milk and Honey is turning up in some bookstores already. The official release date isn’t until next Tuesday. August 3rd. Five days.

But since they’ve shipped, some bookstores go ahead and stock them as soon as the box arrives. ┬áNot that I’m eager to see it or anything, but… I will mail a hand fan and a signed book plate to the the first five people who spot the novel in the wild.

Just capture it with a camera, post the picture online via your electronic means of choice then come back to my website and drop the link in the comment thread.

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10 Responses

  1. todd

    i think you want something a bit more heart of darkness/passpartout. i have my tickets to the congo booked. fly out tomorrow

  2. sandy l

    Here is the pre-ordered version on my nook. I know that nook’s are not wild places, although my husband would argue that. However, the place where my nook lives is a wild place. There are two teenage sons in the same house with the nook. Alpha is sullen and beta is a little emotional. My daughter is 12 and definitely a preteen. Just this morning she demanded pancakes, got mad when she discovered they were wheat, and proceeded to eat Doritos for breakfast. sigh.

    I am so looking forward to escaping into Shades of Milk and Honey.!/home.php?sk=lf