Boring work, washing dishes and massage

Today was, if not lazy, at least filled with dull work. I got home from that around seven and took the evening off. Granted, I had stuff to get done, like, say, the last of the fifty bajillion edits in Shimmer. But it’s been so long since Rob and I were both home in the evening that taking some leisure time seemed mandatory.

He’s washing the dishes now, so I’m going to go rub his back. Have I told you about that? It’s been our deal since shortly after we met. Whoever does the dishes gets their back rubbed. I’m going to go pamper my husband a little.

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4 Responses

  1. Karen

    *gasp* I love the back rub idea! I’m definitely going to start that in our home, too.

    I’ve always done about 95% of the household chores, but our situation is changing so much that he gets to start pitching in. This might be an ideal carrot for both of us, thanks!

    Great about the evening off, you need that sometimes.