Beta readers for 12k fantasy story?

Somehow with all the travel I’ve been doing, I finished a 12,500 word fantasy story. I’m looking for five to ten beta readers. Just comment on my site to raise your hand.

Here’s the teaser.


Ina’s Spark

If Evina waited much longer it would be full dark, and the tavern would almost certainly have a godforsaken bard by then. As if that weren’t bad enough, by the pricking of the hair along her arms, there had to be at least five wizards in easy walking distance. No surprise, really, after King Redinado’s proclamation. That’s what brought her to the capital, after all.

A pair of drunk men staggered out of the door, golden oil light spilling out onto the rutted city street. They wandered away, singing a ditty about a wench with hair the color of the moon. But not that song, thank the Blind Man.

She swallowed trying to dislodge the knot in her throat. If she couldn’t even walk into a tavern, how the hell did she think she was going to survive the quest to become a King’s Wizard? Blind Man… all she wanted to do was survive. She could give a rotten fig about working for the King.

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38 Responses

  1. J. Thorne

    Lemme get a little better from this surgery I just had so I can give my full attention properly to it, and you know I will.

  2. Sarah Grant

    I would love to beta read, if you’re still looking. Or keep me on a backup list, if you don’t need more this time around!

  3. Robin Quackenbush

    I am so excited at this opportunity! I’ve listened to several seasons of advice on Writing Excuses, and though I’m not quite caught up to the current season, I can say it has already had a dramatic (and positive!) effect on my writing. I’ve won and placed in three short fiction competitions in the past year, plus winning first in a short non-fiction competition. (Details are on my Facebook page, if you’re interested.) I am in a fantastic writing group with one of Brandon Sanderson’s betas; if you’d like a reference I can personal message her name and contact info to you.

    (In other words, “Ooo, pick me! Pick me!”)

    Thanks for considering,

  4. Rob Kimbro

    I’m game if you’re still looking. I have much more time for this sort of reading than when last we talked about this.

  5. Jeff

    If you’re still looking, I’m interested.

    If you’re full but thinking of a 2nd round of Beta reads, can I be wait listed?

  6. Sarah

    Hi Mary, I’d love to be a beta reader. I have a memory of reading a piece once before. It was the milliner assassin draft, if I recall correctly, which was a delight.