Bada Bing

I headed into Lazytown today so that Jonathan and I could go have lunch. He’s heading back to NYC tomorrow, so this was the last chance to see him for awhile. We had planned on going to Dong Huang, which is the little Chinese restaurant we’d recently discovered.

Sadly, they only offer a buffet during lunch, which today seemed to consist of four empty pans and some half-dried noodles. We decided to pass and went to Bada Bing. I don’t know anyone who’s been there even though it’s the closest restaurant to work. It’s apparently an Italian Thai Icelandic Sports Bar. Yeah. They are non-smoking and fairly vegetarian friendly. By which I mean that when I ordered the Thai Nuðlur með grænmeti (Noodles with vegetables) he was considerate enough to ask if it was okay if they put egg in there. Yay.

Sadly, the noodles tasted largely of soy sauce. Alas.

Afterwords we went back to the studio and I got to watch a couple of the episodes. Hot stuff.

Then, back home to work on Good Housekeeping

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
33,103 / 50,000

2,578 words.

Looking at my progress so far, I’m writing slightly more words everyday but my time spent writing each day is shrinking by about fifteen minutes per day. That’s exciting. It also makes me wonder why I’m not doing this every day? I mean, sure, I try to write at least a page, but looking at my times that should only take me ten or fifteen minutes. Why has it been taking so long?


Her heart slipped, beating sideways against her chest.


“Get Grandma and Grandaddy to come stay with us there.”

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