Back online

Well, a mere five hours later and I have my primary website back online. Now to tackle the other six…

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    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      According to tech support at my host, someone hacked into my account and installed malicious script in it. It was taking down all the other accounts that shared the server, so my host, wisely, took my account offline. The only way to clean up the vandalism, safely, was to purge everything and reload from clean files.

      1. Jeremy Tolbert

        Yikes! You have my sympathies. We had a server death on our box last year. I ended up working the whole weekend to restore a dozen sites. Good luck with the others.

        1. Mary Robinette Kowal

          Thanks, fortunately, it doesn’t mess with my sql databases (we think) so I’m just uploading new versions of wordpress and phpbb. What took forever was making sure that I’d backed up all the data on the other sites. I back mine up pretty regularly, but not the ones that share my space. In all likelihood, the hacked site was one of the phpBB ones.

        2. Chris Billett

          phpBB 2 is a bit weak sometimes. I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to upgrade to version 3 without having it installed (temporarily). I did do the upgrade for Frameshift last year, so I can offer tips, but if you can find a way to install Vanilla and import the phpBB2 database, then that’s a really nice alternative.

          Hope that’s helpful and not just annoying unwanted advice – good luck, n’ drop me an email if I can help with the upgrades at all.

      2. Jeff

        Holy crappers. People need better hobbies. Seriously. I have a server with about the same number of websites (one I just tinker with trying to modify applications and seeing if I can’t break it).

        Let’s hope sql is solid.

        That’s the unfortunate thing with the Open Source stuff sometimes…too OPEN to the public.

  1. Mike F

    Scalzi posted that you were down. That sucks. At least you know what you are doing; I’d have no idea what to do. Sorry you had to go through all this.

  2. David Loftus

    I checked in a couple times yesterday and noted you were down, but I wasn’t worried; figured you’d be back fairly soon. Every time you guys start talking hardware OR software, I’m lost.

    Somebody hacked into your account, huh? The price of fame and achievement is envy.