Back in Portland for three whole days!

Travel back from Raleigh was largely uneventful. On my second flight I had duplicate tickets with another passenger. Any annoyance I might have felt was quickly overcome by the reason behind the duplicates. I’d been upgraded to first class but they hadn’t issued a new ticket for me when I boarded.

While I was sorting that out the flight attendant told me not to feel rushed because we didn’t have pilots yet. Sigh. We wound up leaving about forty-five minutes late but they made up the time in the air and we were only twenty minutes late arriving in Portland.

Rob met me at the airport and helped me lug my copious luggage home. I’m so used to travelling light that all the gear I needed to drag along for the con changed my routines a bit. The next leg of the Shades of Milk and Honey booktour will be worse in some ways since I’ll be packing for NYC, San Fransisco and Eugene. Whee!

Speaking of which, don’t forget to come out to see me at the Cedar Hills Powell’s tomorrow night at 7pm.

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