Audrey II update

Audrey II, pod 4Well, the plants are still missing, but we have a bill of lading number now and an idea of where they might have gone. When they were shipped out of Kodiak, Alaska, there are two shipping orders for them. On one of them, the plants would have been put on a full trailer that was heading to another company. The suspicion is that they might have been unloaded at that other company. So, they are still working to track them down.

I finally got to speak directly to the person at the shipping company instead of going through the school. But, and this irritates me, the school didn’t pass on a description of what the crate looked like. It’s distinctive. White corrugated plastic, in an exposed steel frame on wheels. 5′ x7′ x 5′ and weighs 725lbs. I mean, it’s not like they are looking for one more cardboard box in a warehouse. Plus, it had my contact info on it. Argh.

I’m pretty much past hope at this point, but at least knowing how the trail progressed helps. Clearly, if they don’t turn up, I’ll be talking to a lawyer.

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